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2nd Nine Weeks Music Technology October 17, 2016 - December 21st 2016


DAW, tracks, input, output, digital signal processing, reverb, chorus, flange, EQ, tempo, transport bar, insert, effects send, stereo, mono, file formats, signal to noise ration, pitch shifting, plugins, parametric eq, delay, mastering, filters, non-destructive editing, latency, buffer, compressor, recorded audio, imported audio, audio trck, edit/mix window, browse window, mute, solo, region, phaser, fade/crossfade

Objectives: Students will understand...

The Digital Audio Workstation

Looping audio technology

Mixing Consoles - channel strips - tempo - tracks

Recording audio

Mixing Audio

Effects processing - reverb-EQ-chorus-flange-gain

Exporting audio

File formats

Essential Question: What are the applications of a  DAW(Digital Audio Workstation)?


Create/edit/produce original composition using speech/music/and sound. Create Audio book with sound design. Mix and master blues song with vocals. 

Procedure - Agenda:

Log in to Computer

Call up current software in discussion

Continue current project or task

New instruction/concept

Exercise/explore new concept using appropriate software

Learning Goal: Students will understand and use a Digital Audio Workstation to create, edit, process and  arrange audio tracks to create original compositions and mix popular music recordings.

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