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VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE: The Volunteer Coordinators communicate with the Board and Director to arrange volunteer needs for concessions, uniforms, chaperones, and fundraising. These coordinators work with Director, President, and Committee Coordinators to determine the number of volunteers needed, job descriptions and hours required per event. They also communicate with volunteers to recruit the number required and follows through with volunteer confirmations. Collects required county volunteer forms and submits them to the MDHS office for processing. Maintains a list of all approved volunteers, and logs the numbers of hours worked by individuals throughout the school year.


FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE: The Fundraising Committee shall consist of not less than three members who shall submit their plans for raising funds to the Board for approval. The Fundraising Committee shall be responsible for long-range and short-range planning. Monthly spirit nights at local restaurants also fall under the responsibilities for this committee. The committee shall coordinate its efforts with the Board and Director to insure fundraising recommendations are compatible with other fundraising events of the Band Boosters and fall in line with school guidelines for fundraising activities. This committee will then operate all said fundraisers and see to their completion.


CONCESSIONS COMMITTEE: The Concessions Coordinators shall be responsible for conducting all business that relates to the purchase, preparation, and sale of concessions items for various sporting events, school-sponsored activities, and community events on and off campus with direct approval of the Board.


UNIFORM COMMITTEE: The Uniform Committee shall be responsible for assigning and fitting uniforms to members of the bands and oversees that they are properly maintain throughout the year. They also order uniform shoes, gloves, t-shirts, bags, and all supplies related to the uniforms, student apparel, parent apparel, and staff apparel, as approved by the Board.


LOGISTICS COMMITTEE: The Logistics Coordinators shall arrange for transportation for the Band to school sponsored activities when needed. All such transportation must be approved by the Board and the Lake County School Board. The Logistics Committee may provide transportation for activities not sponsored by the school, but such transportation must be approved by the Board and school principal.  This committee is also responsible for the transport of all equipment to and from band events.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Nominating committee will decide on and vet a slate of officers to be elected for the next year, and present the entire slate to the general membership for confirmation at our last annual business meeting.  The nominating committee will consist of the current president(s), vice president(s), secretary(s), treasurer(s), and any members-at-large.  They will work with Mr. Uhrich to completely vet a qualified panel for presentation.  The general membership can choose to confirm the entire panel or offer nominations from the floor at the last general business meeting.

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