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To become a Level 2 Volunteer, go here:
Level 2 Volunteer for Lake County Schools

You are a critical component of the success of the Mount Dora Band program. Without your support our program could not exist and your input is always welcome. This year is gong to be an exciting year for the Mount Dora Bands. Band is one of the most challenging and beneficial activities a student can participate in. Your support is necessary and as the band director, I appreciate that support. 

Throughout the year, there will be many opportunities to participate as chaperones, fundraising and logistical support. I know how students love to see their parents participating along with them in the band. We welcome and encourage volunteering these different events. This year Mrs. Kim Varnadore is our volunteer coordinator.

She can be reached at:

Mrs. Varnadore will be sending out notice for volunteers when necessary through Charms. In order to volunteer, parents need to be approved by the county. This is a simple process that can be found at the link below. Thank you so much and Go Canes!

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