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Fourth Nine Weeks Music Technology March 21st - May 24th, 2017


Music Notation, Document setup, single note entry, layout, Standard MIDI files, Music XML, realtime entry, music fonts, audio playback, Notation to MIDI to sound

Objectives: Students will understand...

Music Notation

Document setup

single note entry


Standard MIDI files

Music XML

realtime entry

music fonts

audio playback

Notation to MIDI to sound

Essential Question: What are the benefits of notating music?


Transcribe Band Warmup with high precision

Translate music notation into sound

Translate MIDI music file into notation

Procedure - Agenda:

Log in to Computer

Call up current software in discussion

Continue current project or task

New instruction/concept

Learning Goal: Students will understand how to notate music used for warming up a concert band. Students will learn how to translate music notation to sound and MIDI data to notation.

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