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Third Nine Weeks Jazz Bands January 4th, 2017 - March 10th, 2017


Procedure - Agenda:


Db, Gb, B Bebop Scales

Understand Jazz Improvisation basics

Dynamic range 

Develop and execute understanding of jazz articulation

Understand various jazz forms

Sight-Reading Focus

Preparing for Jazz MPA

Preparing for Pig on the pond

Essential Question:

Why is it necessary to understand musical form when performing jazz compositions?


Jazz forms, rock style, latin styles, swing styles

improvisation, harmonic structure, chord changes


SmartMusic Assignments​

Procedure - Agenda:

a. Warmups

b. Music literacy

c. Fundamentals skills

d. Literature

Learning goals: Through performance of current music, students will: Demonstrate characteristic tone on his/her instrument, Understand musical symbols, develop balance and blend with the ensemble, and continually increase the level of musical expression as well as develop an appreciation for the aesthetics of music. 

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