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Mount Dora High School Music Technology

The Music Technology and Sound Engineering is a course where students explore the fundamental applications and tools of music technology and sound engineering. As they create and learn its terminology, students also learn the history and aesthetic development of technology used to capture, create, and distribute music. Using a software program with a mixture of 1,000+ music “loops,” the student is able to create music. The student can also record “real instruments” and “software instruments” directly into the program. Using this software, students are capable of producing music for movie, podcasts, soundscapes for audio books and theater, as well as creating songs.In addition students will explore the physics and mechanics behind sound and sampling. Students will have the opportunity to record and produce performance of our instrumental ensembles for release to the public.

Students will record, edit, and create original compositions, mash-ups, remixes, and create soundscapes for various medium while understanding the mechanics of sound.

Students will evaluate, analyze, and discuss music in a variety of historical and technological contexts. The will investigate the nature and physics of sound and how we visualize  and control it.

Students will draw on personal experiences to inform their understanding of how musical knowledge relates to their lives, and express through the medium their own stories. 

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