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Unit 3 Music Technology September 6th - September 16, 2016


overtone series 36 square wave 42 fundamental frequency 36 sawtooth wave 42 overtones 36 Fourier’s theorem 44 harmonics 36 harmonic spectra 44 partials 36 inharmonic spectra 45 Pythagorean comma 40 inharmonicity 45 equal temperament 40 white noise 45 spectrum view 41 pink noise 46 spectrogram view 42 equalization (EQ) 46 waterfall spectrum 42 cut 46 sine wave 42 boost 46 triangle wave 42 graphic equalizers 46

Objectives: Students will understand...

1. The overtone series and the spectrum view'

2. Download sounds from the T drive to open in Audacity

2. Edit multiple tracks in Audacity

3. Change audio in Audacity

4. Export Single file in Audacity

5. compose a short soundscape using Audacity

Essential Question: Why is important to understand how to visulaize sound using the computer? 

Procedure - Agenda: 

New Idea - Harmonic series

Import sound in to Audacity and study overtone series

Import Sound Files and arange and edit to design soundscape.

Learning Goal: Students will understand the importance of understanding music technology. Students will understand the fundamental characteristics of sound.

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