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Fourth Nine Weeks Percussion/Guard January 4th, 2017 - March 10th 2017


Percussion portfolio - 1 - 8

Rhythm Scale through 10's

Mallets - 12 major scales beginning with concert G

Develop Junior Guard at Middle school

Positions: Plié / Grand Plié, Flag Angles, Flag Cones, Flag Drop Spins, Flag Speed Spins

Essential Question:

Why is daily practice of fundamentals so important in percussion and flag work?


Rhythm scale, rudiment, angles, first/second/third/fourth/fifth positions, cones, carving, plié, relevé, drop spin, grand plié


1. Rhythm Scale through 10's

2. Percussion Portfolio 1 - 20 

       Alfred's SmartMusic Solos - 1 - 20

3. Scales G, C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, B, E, A, D

Procedure - Agenda:

a. Warmups

b. Music Theory

c. Fundamentals skills

d. Literature/drill

Learning goals: Through performance of current music, students will: Demonstrate characteristic tone on his/her instrument, Understand musical symbols, develop balance and blend with the ensemble, and continually increase the level of musical expression as well as develop an appreciation for the aesthetics of music. Flag: Through performance of current performance literature, students will: Demonstrate characteristic fundamentals, understand movement vocabulary and design, develop balance and clarity with the ensemble, continually increase the level of expression, develop an appreciation for the aesthetics of movement.

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