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Unit 1 Music Technology August 10th - August 19th, 2016


Review of rules and procedures

1. Students will understand sound generation and propagation

2. Sound generation on musical instruments

3. Medium and resonance

4. Basic hearing anatomy


compression 8 eardrum 14 propagation 8 ossicles 14 rarefaction 9 Eustachian tubes 15 compression wave 9 oval window 15 transverse wave 9 cochlea 15 resonance 12 basilar membrane 16 formants 13 organ of Corti 16 filters 13 temporal/ frequency theory 16 equalizers 13 place theory 16 pinna 14 music perception/ psychoacoustics 17 ear canal 14 music cognition 17 

Essential Question:

Why is music technology an important area of study? What is sound?


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Learning Goal: Students will understand the importance of understanding music technology. Students will understand what sound is and how we qualify and quatify sound.

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