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Mount Dora High School Music Technology - Course

Music Tech Midterm

Christmas Jam!


  1. Choose a 4 chord Christmas song from pdf

  2. Determine the tempo

  3. Key signature will be G and song will be in 4/4 time

  4. Determine how many measures/sections there are for your chosen song.

    1.  - Does the song have multiple verses that repeat… there a chorus or a part 

5. Your song must include the following

1. (One or more)Drum tracks

2. One Bass Track

3. (One or more) Loops

4. (One or more) Chord tracks(piano, guitar, synth etc.)

5. (One or more) Audio tracks(recording) (sleigh bells etc.)

6. (One or more) Sampling tracks

7. Voice Track or melody track

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